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Hostel Rules










  A Student admitted to the hostel will have no claim to single or double accommodation and will have to share the room allotted to
     him/her with two or more inmates.

Inmates of each room are jointly & several responsible for the furniture, fittings, etc. and the cost of any damage to the hostel property
     is recoverable from them.

Inmates should report to the hostel latest by 6.00 p.m when the roll call is taken.

Ragging of any kind and eve teasing are punishable offences.

No female guests are allowed inside boy's hostel.

Playing cards or any other form of gambling is strictly prohibited in the hostel.

Students are not permitted to entertain day scholars / guests without the permission of the resident warden.

In case of illness, the student should report to the concerned resident warden for necessary action.

Students are advised to avoid possessing valuables and excess cash. They are also advised to keep their boxes or suitcases locked.

Writing or pasting posters on the walls, windows and doors is strictly prohibited.

Parents/Relatives are allowed to meet their wards in the hostel only during the non-working hours of the college
     with the permission of the chief warden / Resident warden.

Only the dhobis and barbers authorized by the college may be engaged by the inmates.

Students are not permitted to stay outside the campus at nights.

They are permitted to leave the hostel for overnight stays only on weekends and only once in a month, with written
    request from their parent/guardian.

The progress report will be sent to the parents twice a semester one in the middle & the other at the end of the semester, so that
    parents can monitor the progress of their wards Student out timings chart will be intimated by the hostel warden at the time of joining.

If the inmates wish to go home on weekdays, they have to obtain permission from their HODs in the prescribed format.

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